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Who we are
We are a nucleic acid chemical biology group dedicated to developing molecular approaches that enhance our understanding of gene expression. We are diverse research group based in the city of Glasgow.
What we do
The research ethos of the group is to develop chemical probes and molecular techniques which can enhance our understanding of gene expression. We apply a breadth of synthetic approaches, to prepare modified DNA/RNA and small molecule probes that can identify interactions associated with transcription and RNA splicing. We use this molecular knowledge to develop lead compounds which can module transcription and RNA processing for therapeutic applications.
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Latest news
4-year Research Associate Position Available
As part of our BBSRC Prosperity Partnership with GSK, we are pleased to have available a 4-year Research Associate position, starting from October 2024. The role will involve the preparation and analysis of next-generation antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs). We are looking for candidates with a synthetic organic or chemical biology background, with desirable expertise in bioconjugation. This position will work closely with two other Research Associates in our network to evaluate their biophysical and biological properties, as well as building up a data analytics platform to eventually use this information for AI/ML applications. The Research Associate will collaborate with a great bunch of PIs in Chemistry (Nick Tomkinson, Craig Jamieson, Alison Nordon) and in the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences (Zahra Rattray). Deadline: 19th July. Application link:
April 2024 PhD Positions
We have two PhD positions available. The first is a 3.5 year chemical biology studentship available either for an October 2024 or up to a mid-2025 start. This is a collaborative project with Zahra Rattray and GSK developing antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs) to target difficult to treat cancers. We are looking for candidates with a synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry background who would like to apply their skills on the chemistry-biology interface ( The second is alongside the group of Nicholas J. W. Rattray in the develop the next generation of microfluidic platforms to detect molecular changes in cell models ( Check out the links for more information.
April 2024
This month we have a new review from Rebecca which can be viewed on our featured and publication pages! We have also said goodbye and wish all the best to two of our members Chris and Eva who have moved within the university to the MacKay group.
November 2023
Three papers out this month! Congratulations to Fred, Karina and Rebecca for this!!! Check out our publication section for details on our latest published articles. Another massive congrats to Dr Immacolata Abate who passed her viva brilliantly! Sadly it always means Imma leaves the Burley group - we will miss you Imma!
October 2023
New starts! Jack, Monica and Birsen are joining the Burley group for their PhD. One for each subgroup: Jack will be working as part of the Ynamine team, Monica within the transcriptional regulation team and Birsen will join the splicing team! Samantha joins the group for her final year project. Welcome all! Admir presented a poster on his enzymatic work at the BioProNET2 2023 meeting hosted at GSK (Stevenage, UK).
September 2023
Glenn, Andrea and Chris are off to the DBS (Dynamic Biosensor) User meeting in Munich! A chance for networking and to participate in some useful workshops.
August 2023
Andrea's collaborative effort with Dr John Parkinson was rewarded with a £1.1 M BBSRC grant received by the University to establish a state-of-the-art UK national facility for studying biomedicines and biomaterials aimed at aiding the invention of new medicines. The NMR-BASE (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Biomolecule Analysis in Supported Environments) project is led by Strathclyde’s Dr John Parkinson and Dr Andrea Taladriz-Sender. Massive congratulations to Andrea on this who is Co-Investigator on the grant proposal. The whole Burley group (minus me - gutted) heads to Craggan for the yearly team building highland trip! For more detail about this, check our activity section.
July 2023
The nucleic acid team is away to London to present some exciting work at the 19th Nucleic Acid Forum. Alex gave a talk on his work on abasic sites, a fantastic ending to his postdoc in the group! We say goodbye to Alex, who is now off to Switzerland to start a senior scientist position at Bachem. Happy for you Alex, but the team will miss you!
April 2023
Rebecca and Elliot travel up from GSK (Stevenage) for a 3-month academic placement in the Burley group!
June 2023
We welcome Monica and Jack for a summer placement warm-up before they join us as PhD students in October! Congratulations to Rebecca for winning the runner up prize for her talk and Admir runner up prize for his poster presentation at the Glasgow Organic and Chemical Biology Meeting! Andrea and Otto are off to Newport (USA) for the Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Oligonucleotides Gordon Research Seminar! They both returned to Glasgow with poster prizes in hand! Karina passed her viva brilliantly, congrats Dr Chan! What a great month for the Burley team!