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Lab Equipment - Purification

Automated Purifiers
Interchim purifier allows for purification on mg to gram quantities equipped with a multi-wavelength UV DAD and includes real-time full spectra scanning.
BiotageSelekt Enkel purifier has two column channels to run two separations simultaneously and has the function to easily switch between normal and reverse phase.
Ion Exchange
Vanquish Flex HPLC is a flexible and versatile UHPLC system with UV and fluorescent detectors for reverse phase or ion exchange purifications of biomolecules (nucleic acids, peptides, proteins).
Semi-prep HPLC
DIONEX 3000 series HPLC system equipped with a VWD3400 variable wavelength detector allows the semi-preparative purifications from small molecules to biomolecules (peptides, oligonucleotides) using a full range of different columns and mobile phases.