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Lab Equipment - Analysis

Mass Spectrometry Facility
Located in the Thomas Graham building, the PAC Mass Spectrometry Facility offers a range of services for chemical analysis:

Standard Mass Spectrometry Analysis: Agilent LC-MS, Advion LC-MS, Agilent Prep MS, Advion TLC/Direct Injection MS, Agilent GC-MS, Agilent GC-FID, Cary UV-Vis spectrophotometer.

Advanced Mass Spectrometry Techniques: Shimadzu Axima Performance MALDI-ToF, Thermo-Fisher UPLC-Orbi-Trap, Agilent ICP-MS.
More detail about this facility can be found online here.

NMR Facility
We have access to our University based NMR facility located in the Thomas Graham building which contains four Bruker NMR spectrometers (Avance 3 400 MHz, AV400, AV500, AV600).
More details about the equipment and the facility can be found online here.
We have a ProFIRE instrument available, which is an ion exchange system specific for purification of protein-oligonucleotide conjugates.
We have two heliX modules using the switchSense® technology, allowing for high precision characterisation of molecular interactions through measurement of kinetics, versatile parameter determination such as binding affinity and conformational changes. Overall it can provide a comprehensive biophysical analysis from one measurement.
UV Melt
Shimadzu UV-1800 is one of the most compact spectrophotometers that is equipped with a variety of measurement modes enabling a range of applications. This UV instrument offers a nucleic acid thermal analysis accessory.
Analytical HPLC
Our HPLC facility comprised two main instruments:

DIONEX Ultimate 3000, which possesses an auto sampler and diode array detector.

Our Shimadzu Prominence instrument is equipped with a PDA detector scanning from 190 – 600 nm.